BRAND NAME HR 90K CR4 MORTAR Testing Procedure
Type of Material 90 % Alumina Chromic Oxide Green rich high Purity Mortar
Main Raw Material Synthetic Alumina
Grain Size 0.2 mm Max. IS 10570 Ref.1528 XIV
Max Service Temp. 1750°C IS 10570 Ref.1528 I
Chemical Analyses: – (%)
Al2O3 : 88-90  





IS 1527/12107

Fe2O3 : 0.3 Max.
SiO2 : 4.5 Max
Cr2O3 : 4.0 Max
Shelf Life 12 Months
Packing 25 Kg Bags

Note: Water requirements indicated are based on laboratory  test  conditions.  Actual  water requirement may vary subject to site conditions. The properties shown are for vibratory cast material only unless specified otherwise. All values are based on test results on standard bars of size 160x40x40 mm. Test methods are guided by and based on various Indian Standards (IS).