Non-Shrink Grout: CG-700

Our CG-700 is made of cement, special additives, and aggregates. It is a special type of cementitious material used in various construction applications. It can resist impact, vibration, oil, and fire. It offers several benefits and is commonly used for the following purposes:

  1. Precision machinery installation ensuring proper alignment, reducing vibrations, and minimizing the risk of shifting or movement during operations.
  2. Repair and rehabilitation of cracks, voids, and other defects in concrete structures.
  3. Grouted reinforcements to fill the voids between rebar and the surrounding concrete giving it a tighter bond.
  4. Anchoring bolts, dowels, and other embedded elements in concrete which prevents loosening due to dynamic loads or environmental factors.

Overall, our CG-700 is valued for its high strength, minimal shrinkage, and excellent load-bearing properties, making it suitable for a wide range of applications in construction, repair, and infrastructure projects.

Salient Features:

  • Non-Shrink
  • Free Flowing
  • Self-Leveling
  • Expansive
  • Earl High Strength
  • Suitable Even in Hot Atmosphere
  • Spreads Uniformly in All Direction Without Segregation

General Instructions for Installation:

  • Add 13-15% water as prescribed. Mix four to five minutes.
  • Hand mixing or concrete mixing both would do for this grout.
  • Mix till you find bubbles in grout.
  • The grout is ready for placement. It would flow freely in all direction.
  • Using of vibrator and rodding would boost flow of grout.
  • Allow grouted area to be cured for 72 hours.



                              HAZIRA REFRACTORY WORKS PVT LTD

Product data

HR CG 700

Brand Name: – HR CG 700
Type Non Shrink Free Flow High Strength Cement Grout
Max Grain Size 0-3 mm
Water Required
% for Consistency ( Pan Mixer) 12-14
% for  Consistency ( Hand Mix) 13-15
Setting Time minutes
Initial 30 Min.
Final 500 Max.
Flow  % as per ASTM C 1446-99
After 1 Minute 200 Min
After 10 Minute 195 Min
After 20 Minute 190 Min
After 30Minute 190 Min
Physical Properties: –
Bulk Density After 1 Day Curing gm/cc 2.20 Min
Cold Crushing Strength (Kg/cm2):
After 1 Day 350 Min
After 10 Day 550 Min
After 20 Day 650 Min
After 30 Day 750 Min

Packing: 25 Kg Bags                     Storage Life: 3 Months                       Delivery State: Dry

Water requirements indicated are based on laboratory test conditions. Actual water requirement may vary subject to site condition i.e. Working Temperature, Water quality & temperature. The properties shown are for vibratory cast material only unless specified otherwise.