Hazira Refractory Works Pvt. Ltd. (HRWPL) achieved a significant milestone in the field of refractory application services in 2012 when it secured its first supply and application order from Gujarat Industries Power Company Ltd. (Surat Lignite Power Plant). This initial project involved the repair and replacement of refractory parts in four 125MW CFBC boilers.

 Since then, HRWPL has continuously progressed, undertaking diverse application jobs for renowned companies such as Thermax. We have also worked on various power plants operated by GSECL, including the ‘Kutch Lignite Thermal Power Station’ and ‘Ukai Thermal Power Station’, as well as the Gujarat Mineral Development Corporation managed by KEPCO. Most recently, we completed a project at JSW cement in Nandyal.

Over the years, HRWPL has assembled a proficient team and now offers turnkey refractory application solutions. Our comprehensive services encompass breaking down the old refractory material, anchoring welding, casting, and installation of new castable materials and bricks, followed by the necessary drying-out procedures. To support our operations, we possess a range of specialized equipment, including scaffolding, on-site mixing machines, welding machines, brick cutting machines, winch machine and gunning machines. Additionally, we prioritize safety and ensure our team is equipped with all the necessary safety gear for working at heights. Our workforce is highly skilled in tasks such as shuttering, brick cutting, and anchoring welding, paying close attention to panel size and expansion joints. Moreover, we emphasize proper housekeeping and adhere to customer instructions for the disposal of scraps to avoid any mishaps in operational plants.

 Our primary objective is to address our customers’ challenges and provide them with optimal solutions throughout the installation and drying-out processes. By delivering superior refractory performance, we aim to enhance the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the refractory material we install.