HR EBT Filling Mass

HRW EBT (Eccentric Bottom Taphole) Filling Mass is granular compound with maximum percentage of MgO, used as a filler for tapping the Eccentric Bottom Taphole in the EAF (Electric Arc Furnace) for free and easy opening once the Taphole is opened to let the molten steel flow in the ladle.

It is beneficial since it does not sinter under the high temperatures of Steel making and lets the molten steel flow freely without much requirement of oxygen lancing or poking which in turn increases the life of the tap hole. The free opening rate is mainly determined by the quality of the EBT Filling Mass.

HRW EBT Filling Mass Features:

  • Ensures up to 98% free opening which eliminates the requirement of O2 Lancing and poking.
  • Helps improve steel quality by avoiding pickup in steel.
  • Increases the refractory integrity of the refractory lining near the taphole area by filling the voids and gaps and in turn preventing erosion of refractory due to flow of molten metal and slag.
  • Improves thermal insulation near the Taphole area which helps the furnace maintain the desired temperature.
  • Reduces Leakage and Down time if applied properly by minimising the leakage of molten metal and slag which in turn prevents unplanned shutdowns and reducing downtime for maintenance.
  • Enhances safety by reducing leakage and improving the stability of the taphole, contributing to a safer working environment for furnace operators and maintenance personnel.


Hazira Refractory Works Pvt. Ltd.
Product Datasheet
HR EBT Filling Mass
Type of Material 80% MgO Base EBT Filling Mass 60% MgO Base EBT Filling Mass
Main Raw Material Dead Burnt Magnesia Dead Burnt Magnesia+Dunite
Grain Size 2 – 7 mm 2 – 7 mm IS 10570 Ref.1528 XIV
  Grain Size Deviation % ± 5.0 ± 5.0
Max Service Temp. 1700°C 1700°C IS 10570 Ref: 1528 Part I
Bulk Density (mass req. material) 1.80 gm/cc   1.80 gm/cc IS 10570 Ref: 1528 Part XII
Chemical Analyses: – (%)
SiO2     : 16-18   20-23 IS 1527/12107
Fe2O3 : 8-9   6-7
MgO     : 80.0 Min.   60.0 Min.
       REMARKS: Carbon Coated Granular Material and 100% Free Opening at 15500C
Shelf Life 6 Months 6 Months
Packing: Loose material in 1 MT Jumbo bag with bottom opening.