Description A high-density plastic alumina refractory. It has high strength and abrasion resistance and good electrical insulation once dried.
Installation Supplied as powder, to which 12 to 13% water must be added for a stiff putty consistency or more water for a soft coil embedding consistency.
Applications Areas where combinations of high strength, abrasion resistance, high thermal conductivity, and zero electrical conductivity are required. The main uses are; filling the spaces between induction coils, Embedding elements around muffles.
Chemical Analyses: –    (%) Typical
Al2O3     : 88-90
Fe2O3   : 0.10-0.20
CaO      : 8.0-9.0
                     SiO2   : 2.0-2.5
Colour Light grey before firing, white after firing
Maximum particle size 1 mm or as per customer requirement
Packing: 25/50 Kg Bags                                          Storage Life: 9 Months                                               Delivery State: Dry

The data shown are based on average results on production samples and are subject to normal variation on individual tests hence can not be taken as specification. Max and min. values are given separately for testing purpose